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Inclusive Education Admission Policy


Inclusive Education Admission Policy


We, Crescent English High School is accepting the philosophy of providing all ability students with full access to learning opportunities appropriate to their needs. This policy is subsequent of our Inclusion policy which succeeding ‘Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework 2017 and Federal Law 2006 and 2009. Dubai Law no 2 (2014) clearly demonstrate Dubai’s commitment to ensuring the educational and social inclusion of all children, and Art. 24, on the rights to Inclusive Education. The principles of inclusion and equity lie at the heart of the legislative framework. Our policy ensure that students who experience SEND have equitable access to quality inclusive education with their peers.

Our Aims are to:

The school has an effective system for identifying children with different abilities including those experiencing SEND during and also after admissions. The Admissions team consists of experienced teachers who conduct observations (using checklists) and informal assessments (with prescribed assessment tests & criteria) to identify the category, level of student and their specific needs.

The team practice the assessment information on entry to provide further supports in terms of the type and level of student.  The provisions include universal Design strategies and targeted individual and Group intervention plans which offer an inclusive learning environment to enhance the physical, social, emotional, cultural and academic provisions for the students.

In considering a placement in Crescent English high School, the team will review all relevant paperwork and make arrangement for the parents and child to visit the school. After the assessment, observation, Parent - student interview and verification of all relevant medical and expert report (if necessary…) the team will agrees on a starting date.

For the provision planning the parents/guardian are invited to attend and contribute. Where parents are unable to attend and give permission for the meeting to go ahead, the reports are shared with them and they are invited to express their views via email/telephonic communications.