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Crescent English High School provides all students with full access to a broad and balanced curriculum and learning opportunities appropriate to their individual needs. This policy succeeds the ‘Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework 2017 and Federal Law 2006 and 2009. Dubai Law no 2 (2014) clearly demonstrates Dubai’s commitment to ensuring the educational and social inclusion of all children, and Art. 24, on the rights to Inclusive Education. The principles of inclusion and equity lie at the heart of the legislative framework. Our policy ensures that students who experience SEND have access to quality inclusive education with their peers.






The school provides a high quality, accessible, flexible, inclusive and specialist educational opportunities to meet the needs of all within the school community. To achieve our aims we work closely with our partners to ensure a challenging yet caring, structured approach to the development of the school strategy plans, policies and procedures. We strongly believe every child has a fundamental right to education and has unique characteristics, interests, abilities and learning needs and styles; Our education systems is designed and all programmes implemented to take into account the wide diversity of these characteristics and needs.


 Meeting Diverse Needs


Potential groups

  • Students with Special Educational Needs (SEND)
  • Students who are Gifted and Talented (G & T)
  • New admissions with concerns and those who are newly migrated to UAE
  • National/International survey result analysis
  • Under performers in international benchmark
  • Psychological, Social and Emotional difficulties
  • Students who might be subject to abuse or harassment, for whatever reason
  • Students whose family are in crisis or under great stress
  • Students with poor attendance and/or punctuality
  • Students who have a temporary high-level need
  • Difficulties due to – Nationality/culture/language


Promoting and Supporting Inclusion

Senior Leadership Teams
  • Promote and ensure inclusion in our school through all of our policies, systems and practices
  • All members of school communities are expected and encouraged to adopt behaviors which support the school’s inclusive ethos.
  • School Leaders are responsible for confirming that the curriculum, curricular modifications, personalization of learning objectives, differentiation, learner centred activities and the use of inclusive techniques and assessments, ensure learning opportunities enable students to access their curricular based learning goals.
  • School Leaders to ensure that the principles of inclusion are integral to all activities and offers students opportunities to engage in at school or on educational visits




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