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Crescent English High School curriculum focus on personality development, character formation, leadership qualities and a global outlook to build up a career in the field of their choice. Our school is dedicated to challenge each student not only in the field of academics, but also to support them in physical, emotional and social development through the diverse opportunities and wonderful activities.


Crescent English High School Curriculum aims at developing…

  • Learners who are capable of successfully developing their full potential as lifelong learners
  • Learners who are capable of sustaining their chances in the world of work
  • Learners who are engaged citizens in constantly changing local, regional and global realities.

The Kindergarten Curriculum - KG I and KG II: (Phase 1)

The Curriculum is an extended day programme of learning for the young children. The purpose is to establish a strong foundation for learning in the early years in a play-based environment that promotes personal, social and emotional development. The Learning Environment is maintained providing the students with a wide range of activities. Thecurriculum lays emphasis on engaging the students and giving them a first – hands on experience and help in their overall development.

The Middle School Curriculum - Grades 6-8
(Phase 3)

The focus on inquiry based learning continues, as do parallel in-depth explorations of subjects – Arabic , Islamic Studies, Science, Mathematics, Social Science, Languages, Computer Science, Arts and Sports, which often culminate into integrated projects. The main subjects taught are English, Mathematics, Hindi/Malayalam/Tamil, General Science, Social Science, Moral Science/Islamic Studies, Computer Science and Arabic as the additional language.

The Primary CurriculumGrades 1-5

The Primary Curriculum at Crescent English High School is driven by the natural curiosity amongst children as per appropriate age group. At Primary level, we integrate the curriculum with NCERT (National Council of Education, Research and Training).They share their experiences and ideas, enhance their sense of discipline and varied existence of community through interactions. The curriculum recognizes the importance of developing the full potential of the child. It seeks to develop children spiritually and morally and to foster in each child an ethical sense that enables him/her to acquire values. Which endeavors to equip children with the knowledge and skills that will serve them not only in their lives as children but later as adults.

The main subjects taught areMathematics, English, Science, Social Studies, Arabic, Islamic Studies (for Muslim students); Moral Science (for Non-Muslim students), Hindi/Malayalam/Tamil, Computer Science, Physical Education, Art and Dance.

The Senior School Curriculum Grades 9-12 (Phase 4)

The curriculum in this stage is designed to encourage higher order thinking, reasoning, analytical and logical applications. .

In Grade XI, students can opt for the Science or Commerce stream, which enables them to appear for the All India Secondary School Certificate Examination conducted by the CBSE. The main aim is to instil self-confidence and self efficacy in students so as to outshine in the competitive world and equip them with positive behaviour, knowledge, leadership skills and an understanding of human values and ethics.